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If you are the kind of person with an enormous sweet tooth, you should definitely know all the risks that come with another piece of cake you decided to gobble down. And there are a lot of them! An average dose of sugar is 12 teaspoons per day, which means 200 calories. What’s more important, sugar hides not only in such obvious foods as cakes, candies, sweetened dairy, or baked food. If you take a more in-depth look, you will find sugar in such delicacies as bread, different sauces, chips, ready-to-eat pasta, etc. Crazy, isn’t it? Sugar is literally everywhere! So, what happens to your body when there is too much of this easy-to-get dopamine?

A box full of various chocolate bars
Photo by Denny Müller / Unsplash

First of all, let’s talk about your skin. When there is too much sugar in your body, the skin gets saggy and wrinkled. You see, the reason for it is that excess sugar ruins collagen and elastin, responsible for firm and young-looking skin.

Now, let’s talk about your most important organ — the heart. It can suffer a lot from the countless number of cookies you have consumed. A lot of research proved that excess sugar could lead to different heart illnesses, such as strokes and heart attacks. The more sugar you consume, the more insulin appears in your body. Thus, the walls of your arteries get thicker and inflamed, which harms your heart with time.

Your liver. The sugar you consume contains fructose, which in high doses is highly harmful to your liver. It breaks down in your liver and turns into fat that causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. Sounds not that tasty, right?

Oh, when it comes to your brain, sugar impacts it A LOT. You see, sugar triggers a feel-good chemical — dopamine — super fast. So, you would prefer to eat a cookie after your dinner rather than some fruit. That’s because fruits can’t give you dopamine as fast as sugar can. That’s why the cravings appear.

And this is not the end of the list — sugar affects all our bodies when its doses are too high. I’m not telling you to become super strict with yourself and exclude sugar at all. You can still eat that candy once a day since the key factor is the doses. They play the most important role in this battle for a healthy lifestyle.

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by Anna A

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