What to Eat Before the Training

Some people may suppose that eating before the workout is a bad idea: how efficient will it be to pack yourself with calories right before you’re going to burn

3 years ago

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Some people may suppose that eating before the workout is a bad idea: how efficient will it be to pack yourself with calories right before you’re going to burn them? You’ll simply gonna burn those calories you’ve just eaten. What’s the reason? This opinion is correct if we talk about different chocolates, cookies, and all transfats that fill us with short-time energy and excess weight. Otherwise, knowing WHAT and WHEN to eat before training can help you maximize your results by giving you more energy to train much more efficiently. Moreover, not eating before a workout can make you weaker, dizzy, and nauseated.

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So, let’s talk about WHEN exactly you have to eat your pre-workout meal, which is always important to mention. The best way would be to eat 2-3 hours before your training. It has to be a full meal filled with healthy macronutrients. Of course, it’s not always possible due to the working schedule, home chores, etc. Hence, you have to remember a rule: the less time it’s left to a workout session, the less portion you have to consume. For example, if you eat 30-60 minutes before the training, choose the meal that is easy to digest and which contains mostly carbs and proteins.

Opt for stewed chicken breast with vegetables and rice if your training starts within 2-3 hours. This classic yet wholesome meal is full of proteins and complex carbs that fill you with energy for a long time. The vegetables help with digestion thanks to the fiber they contain. One more option is an omelet and whole-grain bread with avocado, which is popular for its super healthy fats our bodies need to function properly.

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If your workout session starts within 1,5-2 hours, it’s better to choose oatmeal with some berries and protein powder. Or, for instance, you can make a smoothie with protein powder, milk, and any fruits you prefer (bananas are my favorite). These meals are easier to digest and have fewer calories. Therefore, you won’t feel packed during the workout.

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But when your training starts within an hour or less, it’s definitely not recommended to eat the meals mentioned above. Choose something light as pure Greek yogurt or some fruit. You can also opt for a nutrition protein bar with wholesome ingredients or a protein-packed green smoothie from spinach, almond milk, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and berries. What’s more, drink a lot of water. It’s essential to get your body hydrated before heading to the gym.

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Published 3 years ago