Yoga from Scratch: Everything You Need to Know to Make It Part of Your Routine

Practicing Yoga has become popular in Western society thanks to its physical and mental benefits.

a year ago

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Practicing Yoga has become popular in Western society thanks to its physical and mental benefits. As with other physical activities, positive results can only be achieved if you are consistent and disciplined.

In this sense, we want to give you some tips so that you can incorporate this activity into your routine in a short time. Let's get started!

Having a schedule is essential!

Just as we have a schedule to work or eat, we need a schedule to do some physical activity like Yoga. If you do not set aside a moment of the day to practice, it is unlikely that you will meet your goals, and this will only generate frustration. To start, you only require 10 minutes a day.

The key is to start slow

When we start a new activity, we want to do many things at the same time and don't get the results we want. If you have never done Yoga, you cannot try to do the most complex positions from the first day. Your progress should be calmer so your body adapts to each movement without problems.

Gradually increase the intensity

Believe it or not, if you do not do the Yoga postures correctly, there is a possibility you could injure yourself. For this reason, if you are a beginner, you should start with the simplest postures and increase their difficulty over time. On the internet, you can get many Yoga classes with different levels according to your experience.

Have a space to do yoga

If you want Yoga to be part of your routine, you need to have a specific space where you can do it without issues. This, together with the schedule we mentioned before, will give you the necessary stimulus so that you remember to maintain your routine.

What is the benefit of yoga that best suits you?

Each person has their motivations for practicing yoga: some want to relax their mind; others want more flexibility or strength, etc. If you want to practice this activity, find out what benefit you want to obtain and set a specific goal that keeps you focused and motivated.

Erick Da Silva

Published a year ago